• • Filmmakers in all categories may choose to submit either an authored DVD or URL link. DVD SUBMISSION must be in English or have English subtitles.
  • • Please send DVDs in a simple paper sleeve and print or clearly write with permanent marker the following information directly on the face of your disc: the film’s title, running time, region format, and contact information (email and phone number).
  • • Please, no stickers as they can damage players or the DVD. Mail your screener and entry form for your category.

ONLINE SUBMISSIONS For every URL link submitted please note:

  1. 1. Passwords must to be provided at the time of your submission
  2. 2. An option to download must be made available
  3. 3. The link and password must be active through dates of submission at our Festival

Please email your entry form, valid URL and password to the appropriate email address listed for your category.


Shipping Address:
ARY Film Festival
Marketing Department
ARY Digital Network
D-120 S.I.T.E


Shipping Dos:

  • • Please send each mailed submission in its own package (preferably in a simple paper sleeve), along with completed entry form to the appropriate address listed below. Additionally, you may include press materials.
  • • Our receipt of your mailed submission can only be confirmed through an email address provided by the submitter. Please include this with your DVD if you want acknowledgement that it was received. Do not call or email our offices for proof of delivery and follow ups, we will contact you ourselves.
  • • Preview copies sent to us will not be returned. Screeners will also not be returned. Both will be kept in ARY Film Festival archives for future reference.


Shipping Do Nots:

  • • Do not send DVDs in fiber filled envelopes! Those nasty little fibers can ruin both your screeners and our equipment.
  • • Do not put multiple works on the same screeners, or send multiple films in one package.
  • • Do not submit the same film in more than one category. This will not increase your chances of acceptance.