• The AFF reserves the right to determine eligibility of any project submitted.

• The AFF will accept and exhibit works completed in any media format; film, video or digital. If accepted, the producer agrees to provide the festival with the presentation format which is DCP with key for Feature Length and any AV presentation format for short films.

• For purposes of DVD submission, all preview copies must be marked with title, running time, region format, and contact information printed or clearly written with permanent marker.

• If submitting via URL link, passwords must be sent at time of submission and no preview DVDs are necessary

• All submitted materials become the property of AFF and will not be returned.

• By signing this document, you acknowledge AFF’s right to copy, transfer and use for promotions all of the material provided by you including your submission and its supporting material.

• For any film submitted, ARY will have perpetual non-commercial screening rights for the film. The producer/ production company, which submitted the film will be intimated upon every screening before execution.

• ARY Film Festival also holds the rights to provide the submitted film to other film festivals for screening upon the consent of the filmmaker.

• Entries must NOT contain any of the following:
– Full frontal nudity
– Anti-Islamic content
– Discriminatory or derogatory elements, which target any religion, belief, community or race.
– Topics which relate to Homosexuality or Transgender
– All films must be either in English language or must contain English subtitles if contains any other primary language
• ARY Film Festival will hold the right to reject any film on basis of above conditions.